Saturday, July 17, 2004

I'm hooked on this stick cricket game. It's easy to play but addicting. The same site has a fun soccer game, too. (Passwords: pengio, batty, sheridan, ollie, lard, kingbilly, weegordon, sniffer.)

  • The duck button is not very useful. It prevents you from getting your head split open by a high ball, but a better option is to swing with the left button and hit the ball off to the left for a few points.
  • When a slow ball bounces to your left and then curves off sharply to your right, you can hit it with the left button, timed fairly late.
  • You can practice against spin bowling by using the password "spin"

There is also another version, an Australian stick cricket game here. (Passwords: stinky, kempy, jg, pete, sofa.)

Learn more about cricket at Wikipedia if you don't know the rules.

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