Sunday, July 04, 2004

What Americans Believe

  • Ten percent of Protestants, 21 percent of Roman Catholics, and 52 percent of Jews do NOT believe in God.
  • 43 Percent of Americans Feel Israel Threatens World Peace
  • 43 percent of Americans report they have "a lot more" common sense than most people, and 74 percent of Americans believe they have above-average practical judgment
  • 68 percent of Americans believe in the Devil
  • 81 percent of Americans believe in heaven, and 70 percent believe in hell
  • 72 percent of Americans want some kind of Mars-exploration program
  • 40 percent of Americans believe that the world will end as a result of supernatural intervention
  • 70 percent of Americans believe global warming is a very serious or somewhat serious problem
  • 61 percent of Americans believe the account of creation in the Bible's book of Genesis is "literally true" rather than a story meant as a "lesson."
  • 89 percent of Americans believe that it is important for young people to have information about contraception and prevention of STDs and that sexuality education programs should focus on how to avoid unintended pregnancies and STDs, including HIV and AIDS
  • 60 percent of Americans believe present immigration levels are a "critical threat to the vital interests of the United States."

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Peter said...

So New Jersey beats out the Pacific Ocean! It's like one of those Saul Steinberg maps on the cover of the New Yorker suggesting a certain geographical perspective (and prejudice).

But only 29% can pick out the Pacific? What was it a map of?

[I tried posting this under the "What Americans know" blog but couldn't for some reason...]