Tuesday, July 27, 2004

This Is How We Dance

Tom with Sculpture at Clos Pegase winery, Napa Valley, CA.

To create this photo, I tried my best to get into the same pose as the sculpture, and had my friends tell me how to adjust my body to match it. I found that duplicating the exact pose of the sculpture is impossible without falling over, and even getting close is very uncomfortable. In the photo my pose does not look too unnatural, but in fact is a very weird, contorted position. Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

Now if you didn't have a head, THEN it would look more like the sculpture in the picture. Keep that in mind for next time. We have to sacrifice for art, yes?


Starbuck said...

Very good.

Had you been on the wine by any chance?

Peter said...

The sculpture reminds me of my best friend growing up's Rock-'Em Sock-'Em Robots. ("He knocked his block off!") The block is knocked off, yes, and the figure looks to have been recently tripped (like in the past quarter second). But, more significantly, his right arm is cocked back, ready to punch, in perfect Rock-'Em Sock-'Em position.

Tom said...

Yes, I had been tasting the wine.

And yeah, it does look like Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots! I hadn't thought about that toy in a long time.