Thursday, December 02, 2004

Commuting Not As Fun As Sex, Study Shows

Today's lesson is that you can learn all sorts of fascinating things, if you have the wherewithal to put together an official, multi-university, academic research project. For example, a recent study of women's happiness revealed that "Having sex is the high point of most women's' days, while commuting is the low point."

Faced with this startling new information that women like sex more than commuting to work, one might ask, how much more fun is it? 10 times better? 100 times better? Thanks to the Inexorable March of Science, we now know quantitatively that sex is actually less than twice as fun as commuting:
On average, the 900 women gave "Intimate relations" a positive score of 5.10, compared to 4.59 for socializing. Housework scored 3.73, which was better at least than working at 3.62 and commuting with a lowly score of 3.45.

The creators of this study aim for more than just the accumulation of abstract knowledge. The article reports that "
they propose that their tool could be used to plan social policy." Well, one obvious social policy leaps out from this data. Society must find a way for people to have sex while commuting. In addition to increasing happiness levels, this could provide new, compelling reasons to car-pool, which would reduce pollution and oil consumption.


Anonymous said...

Faced with this startling new information that women like sex more than commuting to work,Many people mock happiness research as 'common sense', but results often deviate from common sense. For example:

* The very rich have somewhat lower happiness than average, and the very poor also have lower happiness than average, but between these extremes money has very little effect on happiness
* Religion makes people happier... but not as much as getting married or joining a sports club.
* In the long term, having children has very little effect on happiness.
* Many American students think they would be happier in California than the Mid West. In fact, they are not.
* Faculty think they would be happier if they got tenure. On average, they are no happier.

(All examples from 'The Psychology of Happiness' by Michael Argyle)

So, yeah, it's worth checking 'common sense' knowledge if it just means putting an extra tick box on a survey you were going to do anyway.

choppajackson said...

what if we just combined the 2 activities??? i know i wouldn't be so grumpy when i get into work :D hey tom thanks again for stoppin by the site