Friday, January 27, 2006

And Bananas

It turns out that not only have I been pouring coffee the wrong way all this time, I've been peeling bananas wrong, too! Monkeys -- who should be the experts in this -- peel bananas from the end opposite the stem, not from the stem end, and supposedly this way is easier. I haven't had a chance to try it yet, though.


Caryn said...

Keep us posted on that one.

memer said...

lol @ caryn!

but, seriously, how could that possibly be easier? it's not simple societal convention that we use the stem end -- it's easier to get a good rip on the thing, innit?

please, we expect a followup.

Caryn said...

I ate a banana yesterday and thought of you. I didn't try to eat it the wrong way though. I'll leave that to you.

Tom said...

Hehe, I'm going to try the wrong way today!

m from bos said...

i've found that russians eat bananas this way.
it was explained to me that the stem makes a better handle than peely thing.
also, when you peel from the non-stem end you don't have to wrestle with a split stem.
i don't remember if this helps with pulling off the fibers that run the length of the banana *shrug*
probably worth another go at it.