Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Peeling Bananas Monkey Style

As a follow-up to this post, I tried peeling a banana the opposite way that I normally do. That is, peeling from the non-stem end. Memer said in a comment, "how could that possibly be easier? it's not simple societal convention that we use the stem end -- it's easier to get a good rip on the thing, innit?" That is pretty much what I thought before I tried it.

To peel from the non-stem end, you have to squeeze the tip of the banana until it splits, then peel. So it feels more like two steps compared to grabbing the stem and peeling all in one motion. However, it does seem to peel more "cleanly" this way. Then when you eat the banana, the stem makes a good handle to hold it with, which makes it feel kind of like eating a popsicle.

Is it easier? I don't know -- "easier" is probably the wrong choice of words, because both ways are very easy.

Is it better? Maybe. Holding the stem end while you eat the banana does seem a little bit better. But it is not a huge difference.

What interests me the most is that many of us have never even tried it, just like the coffee thing. We are creatures of habit.


Caryn said...

Did you end up smooshing the banana asyou opened it? That's what I'd be worried about. I hate eating smooshed banana.

Tom said...

No, it didn't get smooshed.

memer said...

ah. so that's how it's done. but, yeah, now my next question is how many bananas did you ruin before figuring out the right pressure?

i'm going to try it, next bunch i get. but if this isn't appreciably easier than the old fashioned stem-side peel, i might go...well, you know.

Tom said...

I didn't ruin any. Maybe beginner's luck, but I got it on the first try.

memer said...

Ok, now I will require a visual aid. I tried squeezin the "bottom" end of a banana yesterday and the bugger wouldn't split. I'm married now, so my hand strength isn't what it used to be, but I don't get how you got that sucker to open up.

I'm obsessed with this. I'm losing my grip.