Saturday, January 07, 2006

Gadget Showdown: iPod vs. Sony PSP

If I had to have only one of these, I would definitely choose the iPod, since I use it every day. I have a car adapter for it, so I can listen as I drive to and from work. The PSP is a cool gadget, and great for watching movies on airplanes, but I don't travel often enough for that to be a big factor. The games are fairly good, but most of the time when I have free time to play games, I am at home anyway and may as well play something on Playstation 2.

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memer said...

If you ride the subway or bus I'd think the PSP'd make for a far more entertaining ride, if you can manage to put up with the heaps of eyes staring over your shoulder. I'm not a gamer at all, but that gizmo is one slick mamajamma.

When you're feelin more shy, it can still play tunes (with a memory card i believe).