Wednesday, April 09, 2003

"Russian Military Intelligence" site signs off

The "Russian Military Intelligence update" site signs off, and explains itself:

All the “updates” came out from a compact group formed a few years ago in the framework of a special service. The group used to work for the government for a long time but all its members have left the service and now act as an independent analytical group that has kept some capabilities. This gives an answer to the most common question – about the sources of our information.

We participated in the ongoing events on a “non-profit” basis and had no object other than to stand the US-British informational blockade of the war in Iraq.
The main goal of the project was to present intelligible military analytics on the war in Iraq, which is currently missing, to the informational space. We had both success and obvious fails along the way.

So now the site claims the data is not from Russian Military Intelligence after all, but from a group of people who used to work for the government. If this latest confession is true, then some of my earlier analysis of their analysis (heh) stands up. It was indeed from seasoned analysts, who were Russians with authentic background knowledge, and not some typical internet hoaxer. I did not at all pick up on the fact that it was the work of more than one person. We may never know for sure how good their analysis was, or whether particular items they reported were true, but I'll miss the site -- it was a good read.

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