Saturday, April 12, 2003

The Unquenchable Taste of Looting

''Freedom's taste is unquenchable,'' Fleischer said after he was asked about the president's reaction to television coverage of Iraqis dancing, looting and cheering U.S. convoys.

The "looting" part seems much more unquenchable than the "cheering" part. While looters robbed banks and plundered "embassies, hospitals and some private businesses", other Iraqis formed vigilante groups to oppose these actions:
Others took the law into their own hands and, armed with rifles, beat up looters to try to quell the looting running rampant in the Iraqi capital. Some residents set up neighbourhood roadblocks and checked vehicles for stolen goods. (link)

It is starting to sound like The Road Warrior over there, and that leads to my modest proposal. As part of reconstruction efforts, one of the first Coalition projects should build Baghdad its own Thunderdome, where Saddam's doubles can battle each other. "Two Saddams enter, one Saddam leaves! Two Saddams enter, one Saddam leaves!"

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