Tuesday, May 27, 2003

If "Matrix: Reloaded" were rated NC-17

Persephone: "Kiss me, Neo. Make me believe that I am Trinity."

Neo: "OK."

Persephone: "Terrible. Forget it."


Persephone:"Really kiss me, make me believe that I am her!"


Persephone:"That's more like it. Now I'll kiss Trinity and make her believe that I am Neo."

Neo:"Whoa. Cool!"

Trinity:"I think it's working."

Persephone:"Now Neo, you kiss Trinity, but you'll pretend to be Niobe and she'll be Morpheus."

Neo:"Huh? I guess . . ."

Trinity:"Neobe, baby . . . who's your daddy?"

Neo:"Oh, Morpheus!"

Persephone:"That's the way to work it. Now come here, Trinity. I'll be the Architect and you're the Oracle, and I'm giving you a spanking for being such a naughty program, and Neo is a chair."



[hours later]

Neo: "So do we get to meet the keymaker now?"

Persephone: "I am the keymaker . . ."

Neo: "You are?"

Persephone: " . . . and your tongue is a key, and . . . "

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