Thursday, May 08, 2003

Short storied

I know we live in the Age of Deception, but absurdity reaches new heights when skyscrapers may actually have far fewer floors than they claim. Labeled floor numbers are not required to match how many floors actually exist.
Mr. Trump said he originated this marketing strategy when he built Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in the early 1980's. He did not see why he should be forced to call the first residential floor something mundane like the second floor, or even the 20th floor, since there was a lovely atrium and 19 commercial floors beneath the residences. Employing Trump Math, he called the first residential floor the 30th floor.

The Metropolitan Tower which claims 78 stories has only 66. Trump World claims 90 stories but has only 72. I think we are headed for a world that consists entirely of lies and exaggerations. Is even the height of buildings a matter of propaganda and spin? One day I expect to walk from the sidewalk into a ground floor apartment that is labeled the "15th floor," and nobody but me will find it strange.

Well I'm going to start calling myself 8 feet tall, because it's about 6 feet from the top of my head to my ankles, and below my ankles there are another 2 feet. [rimshot]

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