Thursday, May 01, 2003


I was in a serious motorcycle accident last Friday, and I broke both hands and my left ankle. These will heal eventually, but for now I will be blogging less than usual. I will be back, though, because I love to write.

Things I can't currently do: Put on socks. Open most doors. Open containers. Take my shirt off. Playstation (drat!). Eat effectively with a fork. Shave.

Things I can still do: Read a book if it is sitting on a table. Turn the page. Use the Tivo remote (yay!). Drink from a small glass. Walk very slowly. Type very slowly with 2 fingers. Laugh. Wonder why other people get the really cool near-death-experiences with tunnels of light and voices and expensive CGI effects and so forth, while all I got was "oops . . . [1 minute intermission] . . . ouch."

I go in for surgery Monday.

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