Saturday, September 18, 2004

Blog Quotes Of Note 2

A youngish guy is in the hotel right now and was asking her what there was to do around the amazing metropolis of Horn Lake. I don't remember what was said, but he jokingly made the statement that apparently he was asking the wrong person, as she didn't seem to know what to do for fun. Her response was, "if you had seen the videos me and my friends made while we were at the Marine base in North Carolina, you wouldn't say we didn't know how to have any fun." --Crankydragon
And if that hotel were really committed to customer service, those videos would be available as in-room pay-per-view.
I have indirectly licked the remnants of a mosquito. -- Head wide open
It seems as though one of these roadkill deer carcasses was turned into a lovely lined leather jacket that was worn by Joe's brother, then passed down to Joe, then eventually co-opted by me. -- The Random Muse
Chechen Rebel Grimly Vows More Attacks -- headline, The New York Times
Well, I guess that's slightly preferable to "Chechen Rebel Cheerfully Vows More Attacks."
I would have had to yell to the Fiery One from the bathroom oh, Fiery One, I am getting sluttier by the second in here! Do you know what a whore I am becoming?, and then I would have run around in the parks, trying to scrape the arms of small children with my leg stubble. It would have been awful. And the police would have had to come up with weird new laws just to deal with me. There would be strictly enforced leg-waxings funded by the state to keep me from using my stubble as a weapon against the weak. The Fiery One would leave me, unable to deal with my obsession with my own sluttiness. Life would have been a nightmare. -- Schmutzie
Even if your computer has been invaded by evil ad software that you never requested for the third time in a week, do not go too crazy deleting things. That SYSTEM.INI file is kinda important. -- A Picture Of Me
Getting married is so lame now; we totally had the idea first. -- Izzle pfaff!
I almost rear-ended about 5 people who cut me off, which is an all time low for lunch rush traffic down near the Strip. -- Deviant Dawl
I want an iPod flask mod.
Two shots of whatever slakes your fancy
sealed neatly alongside the innards of a modified iPod. -- TheyBlinked

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