Saturday, September 11, 2004

End User License Agreement

By clicking below you agree to abide
By the river in a tin shack five feet wide

You agree to cast shadows on a bright spring day
And to look much smaller when you're very far away

You will post no bills, you will jump no claim
You will think that khaki and tan are the same

You agree not to sue or complain if you're sued
You agree with the clauses we forgot to include

The product may work as described herein
Or it may run amok with a villainous grin

It could deal with you fairly or it just might cheat
It could walk across your carpet with muddy little feet

We make no warranty expressed or implied
Refund requests will be denied

But on the contrary, notwithstanding
Lack of a warranty, we're demanding

You surrender all your rights
And recite this contract twice each night

1 comment:

Ƶ§œš¹ said...

That's why I don't buy things. Ever.
Okay that's a lie.