Thursday, September 02, 2004

Feel The Strangeness

This large poster in the window of a shop downtown says only: FEEL THE DIFFERENCE!

The picture shows a woman wearing a tank top and bikini bottoms. There is no other information. It is an advertisement for some mysterious product. On closer examination, the woman's bikini bottoms have a pattern of flames on them. So every time I walk by this, I think to myself: FEEL THE DIFFERENCE . . . SET YOUR PANTS ON FIRE!

Or maybe the flame pattern is supposed to be symbolic, indicating that she is a liar. (Feel the difference . . . lie!)

Update: I found out this is an ad for tanning beds.Posted by Hello

1 comment:

moe said...

she's probably selling insurance. or dr. scholl's stinky foot powder. it's so obvious!

whoever hired that ad agency got the shaft, bad.