Monday, September 13, 2004

Blog Quotes of Note

"When the sidewalk guitar busker gets a sound system, your neighborhood no longer qualifies as gritty." - Mighty Girl

"We giggle at the Peruvian Guinea Pigs, which look remarkably like Tribbles." - Birgit

"During this period I will be sunning myself on the beautiful island of Menorca. Please feel free to email me during this time and say how amazing I am." - The Whiskey Priest

"Have you ever dreamt so little, that nothing seems fake anymore?" - Soul of a Pirate

"The heat is so dense I could probably reach up and tear it off in strips. At 11pm I go out on the balcony with a beer and a half pack of cigarettes, and stare up at the sky as if the sky just said something stupid." - Gregor

"If you find an error on this site, I will send to you via PayPal one whole, green, American dollar. 1USD. 4 quarters. 10 dimes. 100 pennies. It's just that easy for you to make a dollar. [ . . . ] Don't be a nitpicker. Besides, I reserve the right to use poor grammar if I think it sounds better." - Joel

"All right, I'm so excited. I got people to comment on my blog. I guess it's like oral sex: if you give, you're more likely to get." - Aeusoes1

"It is eerie to see her face in the sword, among so many other countless vampires. It is my belief that Dawn's soul is somehow trapped inside the sword. But I do not understand the sword. 'Maybe Dawn has a cell phone with her inside the sword,' Kristin said." - Vampire Journal

"I looked her up on google and at 3:35 pm on September 5th 2004 added 'nude' to the search. Before I knew it I was downloading spyware against my will. " - Aeusoes1

"i've never seen a scarecrow that looked good in a pair of overalls." - J

"I've always been a great admirer of my work. I've also been quite of a loner. I suspect the two things may be connected." - spluttermonkey


Emily said...

hi, i just started using this. i like your blogs, it's nice reading them.

Tom said...

Thanks, I'm glad you like it.